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Our Mission is to document all of our real estate projects and provide you with a real snap shot of the ebbs and flows of investing in real estate. Between waiting on permits, failing inspections, passing inspections, hiring the right trades and lining them up timely, using the right tools, design, and building your network - there's a lot involved in making sure home renovations get done the right way, within the right budget, and within the right time line. We hope you have fun on this site and learn something every time you visit.


Thank you for visiting our site. We love to restore houses for new families to live and make new memories in. Just like many of you we want to make our projects as amazing as possible, but without breaking the bank. We will be tackling very basic projects with things like hand rails to intimidating projects like additions and converting houses from a gut job to a complete transformation. We'll have links to the tools we use and the stores we purchase them from (in some cases we get a small commission for when you purchase through our link - it helps support this site). We hope that this site can help you save money, hire the right contractor, overcome the fear of filling out permit paperwork, or even get some family character building time together by completing a home project.


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